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Eicher 551 tractor Loan EMI Calculator

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About Eicher 551 tractor Loan EMI Calculator

The Price of Eicher 551 tractor is 665000 You can count your EMI for loan as per your downpayment, feel free to use our Loan EMI calculator and its free.

Recently Asked Questions About Eicher 551 Tractor Loan EMI

Q.What is the Price of Eicher 551?

Answer. Price of Eicher 551 is 665000.

Q. How many Horsepower (HP) Eicher 551 is generating?

Answer. Eicher 551 is generating 49 HP.

Q. How many cylinders having by Eicher 551?

Answer. It is having 3 Cylinder.

Q. Which Clutch I will get in Eicher 551?

Answer. In Eicher 551 you will have Single / Dual clutch.

Q. What type of transmission system in Eicher 551 I will get?

Answer. It has Constant mesh transmission system.

Q. Tell me about Gear box of Eicher 551.

Answer. It has 8 forward gears and 2 Reverse gear.

Q. Which cooling system is given by the company?

Answer. Company is giving Coolant cooled cooling system.

Q. Which brake I will get in Eicher 551?

Answer.Eicher 551 have Oil Immersed.

Q. What is Steering type of the Tractor?

Answer. Tractor has NO.

Q. What is the Fuel tank capacity of Eicher 551?

Answer. Eicher 551 is having 60 litres of fuel tank.

Q. What is ground clearance and wheelbase of Eicher 551?

Answer. Tractors has NA ground clearance and NA of wheelbase.

Q. What is hydraulic capacity of Eicher 551?

Answer. Eicher 551 can lift up to 1850 kg.

Q. Tyre size of the tractor.

Answer. It has 6 X 16 front tyre and 14.9 X 28 rear tyre.

Q. Tractor is 2WD or 4WD?

Answer. Tractor is available in 2WD.

Q. What is the warranty of Eicher 551?

Answer. Company is giving 2000 hr/2 year of warranty in this Tractor.